Behind the scenes

Take a look at what makes Desire Mark truly special and unique.

The brand

Desire Mark is a brand with an intransient style, strict individuality and delicate confidence.

The label is designed for the strong and independent woman. It combines the steadfast traditions of time and the legacy of established haute-couture artists.

The Style

The free spirit of nature is entwined in the design of every garment, jewelry and accessory of the brand.

The magnificence of the colors, intertwined with the classic silhouette, creates the feeling of power and genuine sex appeal.

The Designer

The brand was founded in 2013 by the designer Desislava Markova as a high quality alternative to mass produced goods, bringing a touch of uniqueness and unmistakable individuality to the cusomer's style.

Our Approach

Each and every one of our products is carefully crafted by highly skilled professionals, with an exceptional attention to detail.
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